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Because, we have been in the industry since last 8 years, building technology systems and products since 2007. We have a proven track record in managing technology projects, right from selecting the appropriate technological framework, to understand your pain areas and subsequently, to overcome them by deploying our solutions and products. Our knowledge and experience spans across multiple iterations across a variety of industries. Bottomline is- we know the difference in simply being online and being successful.

With a relatively young team full of experienced professionals, our ethics are driven by our professional commitments. With a very clear vision to provide solutions in the most ethical way, we are strongly in the favor of achieving our timelines in the best possible way as we can- by delivering solutions that are in their best way to put to use. We do not believe in cheating our clients neither our employees. A fair working enviourment, equal growth opportunities and uniform rules and regulations are just some of our fundas that binds the entire Infini together.

Young at heart, but professionally competent, Infini is a team of dedicated 60 IT Professionals working in harmony to provide the best technology solutions to our clients. Our leaders are dynamic and serial entrepreneurs, each being a master in their own departments. Founded by Mr. Udani with a clear vision to provide technology to all those who understands it, Infini has now grown into a full-fledged, professionally managed IT Organization.

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