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Infini’s mobile app automates Parkoscope parking operations to manage and monetize (actual numbers to be filled) parking lots

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India is facing a unique situation with the growing number of vehicle commuters. The parking scenario is falling short of the number of parking spaces in the country with 40% streets choked with parked vehicles on an average working day. Because of such poor parking management, India struggles with a chaotic situation like an overcrowded footpath, illegal parking, and criminal activities due to improper surveillance. The land is limited and expensive and the rising demand for parking spaces has led companies to innovate and automate the parking industry to put an end to such a woe.

i-Stron Corporation Private Limited had a unique concept that could solve the problems in the pay & park industry. It was picked up by Infini as a project and delivered with the best in class mobile app solution.

The agenda was to create a platform that connects all parking and mobility stakeholders on a common platform who were until now operating in silos. The client is a leading manufacturer, trader, and marketer of parking lifts that contributed to the optimization and monetization of parking lots. With such expertise to their name, the client closely studied the industry and was aware of the issues it faces. As a technology partner to the client, we had the challenging task to build a solution that could solve the problems in the parking industry for both- a parking lot owner and the end-user. Infini conceptualized a personal parking attendant application that was easy to install and configure and easier to use.

Infini designed smart parking solution with a mobile app for digitalized parking operations


The solution

Parkoscope mobile app was developed to deliver optimization of parking lots by connecting stakeholders in real-time and automating the entire search and book parking operation. The app was a unique integration of hardware and software offering a coherent interoperable ecosystem. The User Interface of the app was aesthetically designed allowing users to comfortably interact with the apps features, content, and functions.

The app recorded 10000+ unique downloads in the first few months of its launch

The app had three interfaces uniquely designed to offer features targeted to a particular business role and function. There was the User app for individuals seeking information to park their vehicles, the admin app for a parking lot owner to onboard various parking lots, and the parking manager or the attendant app for the attendant managing parking at the parking site.

The User Interface

Vehicles outnumber the existing parking spaces leading to violence over-occupancy, deformed vehicles due to space crunch and overcharging for parking at some places. The parking situation in some metropolis is such that commuters are not aware of parking lots in a given area/locality, let alone their availability. The app provides information to users about parking lots, location, availability of parking space with the facility to book for now and future, as well as information regarding parking charges. The user version of the app connects commuters with the parking lots in real-time. The integration of the app with third-party payment gateways and apps allows users to pay parking fees electronically, thus solving money exchange related issues and tendering the exact amount of parking fee. An in-built reader scans the QR code on a user's app to authenticate the user for a particular slot booking. The app thus offers safety and a hassle-free parking entry and exit movement for a user.


The admin Interface

A parking lot owner can benefit from the app in multiple ways and ensure optimization of his parking space throughout the year. The app is designed to integrate with existing software and offer features to benefit a lot owner. A parking lot owner can on-board all his parking lots into one single app and manage their operations without the need to install multiple apps. The owner can reach commuters looking for parking information-availability and charges. The app allows admins to run campaigns in off-season and off-days, promoting their parking spaces and offering discounts. One of the major issues faced by parking lot owners is the pilferage of parking collections amounting to nearly 20%-30%. Taking parking operations online lends transparency to the entire parking operation process from tracking vehicle entry and exit to managing space availability and parking collections.

Parcoscope registered a sizeable decrease in collection leakages by parking lot owners

The Attendant Interface

The manager interface of the app helps attendants manage huge parking spaces at the ease of a mobile device. Information regarding vehicles parked, the number of free parking spaces, availability, duration of hours, and their corresponding parking fee can all be accessed using this version of the app. The app allows smooth entry and exit operations at any given time. The app connects with a thermal printer with Bluetooth facility to enable the tendering of parking receipts in case commuter demands. It also allows sending electronic receipts to vehicle owners through the app.

Parcoscope is a revolutionary app built to manage parking operations in a highly fragmented industry plagued by mismanagement. What Infini ensured was an adaptation to the mobile app and offering unique app interfaces and features easily understandable by pay and park users.

Parkoscope location-based, on-demand app developed by Infini is solving the menace of parking in several cities by providing access to ninety percent parking lots.

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