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Infini a catalyst to imparting Electronic Education by Sundaram Notebooks

The Client with its 15000 dealerships and distributor network sells over 5 lakhs books every day and has a manufacturing capacity of over 200 plus products

With 18 months of research and technological challenges, Infini increased the reach of electronic learning by going local and trusted with cost efficiency and data security.

Huge Template Collection

Sundaram Notebooks designs manufacture and markets paper stationery products for students as well as corporates. The brand stands for trust, quality, and legacy. The growing demands and emphasis on education bring with it the need to produce and supply learning materials and paper stationery products digitally and electronically. This led Sundaram Notebooks to explore new avenues and foresee a digital future.

The year between 2008 and 2009 saw the beginning of smart classrooms where learning was on interactive whiteboard & projector integrated systems, backed by a central server to stream content across classrooms. But what if a student wanted to access data offline? The client’s focus was on lending learning material digitally and making it available at all times. In the absence of pay per click, content on-demand, DTH or Netflix, Television and Computers emerged as two of the most important and highly distributed devices to target what the client wanted to achieve. However, dependency on the Internet was another major challenge. Parents wanted to experiment but considered online restraining in times of a rundown of the internet.


Infini’s High Performing Offline E-learning stick-A ready to go solution.

The initial focus was on building TV products, to distribute content via a media player. This having security challenges the focus drifted to creating a media player, wherein a USB drive could be plugged into the media player. However, this was not cost-effective as it required changing the media player’s each time a student gets promoted to the next class. Pen drive being the most sophisticated device in terms of use and cost was the basis for further enhancement. Infini explored markets to develop the most cost-efficient and effective way of delivering content offline. We developed a proprietary operating and file system with an additional chip which ensured that the pen drive did not work when plugged into any system with a different operating system other than the one present in the media player. To ensure wide distribution and avoid re-use the pen drive was loaded with an extra feature of self-formatting after certain pre-defined expiry date. This plug and learn device was a breakthrough in the E-learning market. It helped Sundaram Notebooks widen their base and make content available using a physical device.

Secure, Robust and scalable Online platform

Infini developed software for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems allowing viewing rights only on these devices. If a user would try to record the content displayed on the screen using a screen recorder, the application would not start and if anyone would try to capture the content by placing a physical camera in front of the screen, a pixel-based watermark would appear which could be tracked from the user information registered. Similarly we developed SD cards for mobile phone and an online portal with the same set of security features across all products. We also developed a LAN based B2B solution offering the same features. With such a secure and easy to use Online and Offline e-learning system, we increased reach to 2 Lakh pen drives and around 80,000 media boxes. The use of Kernel Programming, Embedded Systems, .NET, Android Programming, PHP, etc. have been extensive in making this a huge success.

Sundaram entered the 2 trillion $ Indian Digital Education Industry with Infini’s E-Learning Solution

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