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Souledstore to write a New Online Success Story with Infini’s E-commerce Platform

The Client with 5,00,000 customers and over 1,000 orders per day is India’s fast-growing Pop Culture E-Commerce merchandiser

The Souledstore is an e-commerce selling Quirky Pop culture official Merchandize of Disney, Marvel, DC, etc. Their product range is a mix of apparel and accessories segmented into various categories and attracting a wide customer base. The company has a team of seventy-five including eighteen designers and offers close to twenty plus designs in each category. While customer acquisition in e-commerce costs up to thousands of rupees, the client boasts of customer acquisition cost many times lower than the industry norm. Although they have been growing at a fast pace, the biggest challenge that they faced was the issue of scalability. Using an open-source E-commerce platform (Magento) made it difficult for them to manage the demand load. The website often faced technical issues and the order management process at the backend was not smooth.

For Souledstore, Infini developed and managed a software design for scalable E-commerce operations.


Infini vs open-source E-commerce Platform

The considerable lower entry costs, easy access to software, and third-party plugin’s offered by open-source e-commerce contributed to Souledstore’s initial success. However, with the increase in load and traffic and the huge number of product portfolios they incubated, they were affected by lagtime and website downtime. It also made them vulnerable to hackers breaching their security and slowing the website’s functionalities. With our e-commerce expertise, we rebuilt their platform, taking care of the end-to-end e-commerce needs. The open architecture and API tools that our platform offered were simple to customize according to their requirements. We ensured that the transition from an open-source to our platform was smooth and the entire business was on-boarded without affecting profits and cash flows. In order to capitalize on the opportunity, additional features were introduced to the platform for smooth order scoring, delivery and payment management. We also structured one of the most important business functionality of Souledstore- their royalty platform. We customized a backend to automatically calculate royalties to be paid to artists selling on their website and also helped in managing vendors and inventory, taking care of payments and ensuring timely delivery of merchandise.

Customizable Platform

The transition from the existing to the new platform was strategically initiated ensuring a step by step adoption to the new business platform. The backend of the platform represented a pseudo-ERP, managing five to six payment gateways and eight to ten shipping partners. What we offered Souledstore is a business management solution with financial, customer relationship, and supply-chain automated processes.

We also helped them build a custom personalized T-shirt designing tool, doubling their orders within 15 days of its launch. Thus by channeling their resources to offer a fully integrated and highly secured online system of order handling and delivery, we were able to manage Souledstore e-commerce needs effectively.

With the use of multiple technologies like Laravel, Node, JS, etc. and an initial investment of five months Souledstore grew to over a million fans on Facebook, and 2,00,000 followers on Instagram.

The website witnessed a conversion rate in multiples of the industry average

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