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For Ajmera, Infini developed a cutting edge lead management and CRM platform to capture Leads, Property Inquiries, Dynamic Content to Manage Marketing Campaigns, Engage Prospects, and Agent Management.

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Ajmera Group is recognized as one of India’s leading Real Estate Company established over 50 years. They have a strong presence in and around Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Bangalore and International projects in Bahrain. Quality, innovative construction technology, comfort, aesthetics, appeal, and maximum value for money are the few attributes that enriched the company with the belief that people have entrusted in them. It has been the company’s endeavor to be present across all segments of the realty sector and its modern commercial offerings are in-line with this strategy.

A long-standing history means a huge clientele and managing such huge data becomes a challenging task. Ajmera was facing a problem more to the operational vertical of their business-managing data, organizing them into profit-making deals, following-up with leads, updating lead status, and managing conversions. It became imperative to have a system/ software in line with its business model that could manage their business processes.

An approach towards Leads, Sales and Marketing budgeting was proposed to the Client. The intention was to cater to the target audience of Ajmera in a niche, defined and profitable manner. Unlike any other Real Estate CRM, Infini’s CRM would allow the client to extend business communication beyond a time and place, customize searches and leads, generate accurate results from the campaign and automate response. These and more all from the comfort of the client’s premises.


Custom Lead Management CRM

The challenge to create a CRM to optimally utilize and manage data and resources was met with an all-in-one approach CRM offered by Infini. The CRM introduced lead management tools from capturing leads to conversion. Tracking field-sales became an easy task with our real-time geo-location sales CRM. A typical Real Estate workflow involves receiving leads followed by Site visits, a face-to-face interaction with clients followed by lead conversion. The site visit is the most important section of the lead management system because at this stage the management is closer to lead conversion. Our CRM effectively managed all leads dividing them into groups to differentiate the stages of the lead process. The lead process is divided into four stages.

  • Receiving the lead
  • First contact
  • Site visits.
  • Conversion
Data in each of these stages was captured for analytics and decision-making and could be accessed anytime for reference. This was a powerful tool in the hands of the management that helped them take better and informed decisions regarding lead status, follow-up and conversions. Our platform offered customization in terms of the characterization of the software. It was devised in a way to offer a one window solution to all the real estate management needs.

Booking Tracker Information System

Cross-booking of the same apartment was another challenge faced by the client, as is with many Real Estate companies having multiple agents. At times two parallel deals are under discussion with different agents, both unknown of the status of the other. Infini’s CRM solves this issue of cross-booking in the most efficient way. The whole building is represented graphically in the CRM, with separate markings for floors and house numbers. When the first agent blocks an apartment for his client, the color of that apartment changes and it’s reflected across all the windows. In this way, the second agent is informed that the apartment which he is trying to book for his client is already blocked. This keeps the system robust and avoids confrontational issues, thus solving the problem of cross-booking. The CRM offers such features in real-time, not limited by geographical location, distance or time-zones.

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Interactive Software

Through our, CRM Ajmera could fix different pricing for each floor and accommodate complex pricing for each apartment. The software allowed them to make calls, send messages and emails to all the customers individually or in bulk and also keep records of such calls or messages for reference. The CRM also allowed customization of features and their seamless configuration on a project to project basis.

The software could be made available for Ajmera and fully functional in as little as a month, for on-site deployment, implementation, and utilization. Several technologies played a pivotal role in bringing this into reality. We deployed ( **technologies to be named) to give Ajmera a robust platform to accommodate all their business needs.

We understand that every organization is different and we have built our CRM to support all business needs with a unique customization option.

Using our LMS & CRM platforms, Ajmera Group was able to monetize its business efficiently and formulate effective Lead Strategies.

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