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Real Estate CRM adoption by Panvelkar Group for New project launch channeling social media platforms

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Panvelkar Estate is a well-known real estate group, having 25 years of rich legacy and a commitment towards quality and unrivaled expertise. They are an undisputed leader in their category. The company aimed at expanding its portfolio to various verticals like a banquet, luxury resorts, water parks, excavations, city clubs, etc.

The existing CRM was difficult to accommodate their changing structure and they were in need of a more robust CRM focused on multiple aspects of their business. They intended to run several marketing campaigns that were not only unique but also capture the impact and provide lead data. We offered a CRM platform that could be integrated into their existing system in twenty-four hours, the fastest ever transition project undertaken by our team. Our CRM offered unlimited lead capturing on a cloud that could be accessed from anywhere at any time. Their campaign strategy was to involve accumulating multiple contacts and integration with all social media platforms to track the LIVE status of the campaign and its performance.

We ensured that the employees of Panvelkar Group were well equipped with the offerings of our platform and hence, we offered training for installation and feature adoption to be able to handle and manage huge data the campaign was focussed to generate. Our CRM is a go-to-market product with pre-existing features to organize tons of information and automate tasks and work-flows. The transition for Panvelkar Group could thus be achieved with minimum efforts.

Infini aided in the adoption of Real Estate CRM in twenty-four hours for the client for the launch of a new marketing campaign targeted at increasing Leads.


An end-to-end Real Estate CRM

Our real estate CRM offers lead management using cloud-based solutions and campaign management with report generation. It was easier to customize, extend and evaluate campaigns with the in-built features the platform offered. For Panvelkar Group we had set-up Amazon cloud instance to go-LIVE with the campaign and at the desired time. Various user accounts were created and training provided to allow the user access to multiple people to be able to manage the campaign effectively. Since it was a new launch, campaign landing page, facebook form, Google AD, etc. all had to be integrated into the CRM for effective lead capturing. Our expert team who have had previous success in managing similar campaigns worked diligently in order to get CRM installed and running for Panvelkar Group. It was a combination of the CRM and LMS that contributed to the success of the campaign and provided an opportunity to leverage on the leads and follow-up conversions.

A CRM for Data and Inventory Management

Panvelkar Group had huge data from their existing CRM which was needed to be exported to the new platform for better analytics. We have set standards for our robust systems and the transition could be managed smoothly without losing important business. Our experience of working with all major cloud telephony services enabled easy integration of the client’s three virtual numbers. One single login could be used to make calls directly to the customer, removing the need to create two separate logins, one for the cloud telephony portal and the other for CRM. This helped in tracking all campaigns and calls from anywhere. The software is also equipped with round robin for call recording so as not to miss important calls or conversations.

Panvelkar Estate was able to successfully run a marketing campaign using Infini’s LMS and CRM to maximize reach along with Lead Management and Reporting

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