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Government of Maharashtra to support development drive on the banks of river Chandrabhage in “ Namami Chandrabhage” river restoration social campaign.

For the Government of Maharashtra, Infini developed a transparent website empowering the initiatives of the campaign and building a strong financial foundation.

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The Indian Political system witnessed a rise in river restoration campaigns in the past years with a lot of emphases laid on river Ganga and the importance of cleaning and developing it’s banks, by the Government of India. Cleaning of Ganga water, emphasis on developing tourism, sewage management, industrial management, etc. were being adopted at the national level.

The Government of Maharashtra in 2016 identified an opportunity in the restoration of the banks of River Chandrabhage, which is the pride and history of Maharashtra. The river is surrounded by historic temples, which have been part of Maratha culture for centuries.

The Govt. of Maharashtra wanted to create a website under the stalwart-ship of the then Chief Minister Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, to be addressed as “Namami Chandrabhage”, aiding and supporting the cause of Chandrabhage river restoration and reviving the love and compassion that Maratha’s share for the holy River.

The drive had received such a welcome that PM himself visited the banks of the River for its inauguration ceremony. This further gave the campaign, the attention and boosted the spirit and morale of the people of Maharashtra. For a project like this, the website becomes the most important in order to communicate the message of the entire project. The Government of Maharashtra engaged Infini as the agency to develop the website. The project came to Infini at a notice of a fortnight and delivery was to be within a short span of 10 days. A lot of work had to be undertaken on a day –to- day basis, managed by the Municipal Corporation of Solapur, located in the south-western region of Maharashtra.


Targeted Increase in Website Traffic

The focus was, that all marketing initiatives across the State towards the project should lead to the website and give the website increased traffic. All information about the river bank and any plan of action, to be publicized on the website to gain momentum, contribute to increase tourism, reach to several donation platforms and encourage people to participate in the project. The website was to be the face of all communication and act as a simulator for all actions. Fifty percent of the Government’s budget was allocated to marketing as that would bring them maximum funding. Infini converted this opportunity to focus on targeted goals and gave the campaign a unique face that was supported by a lot of people. Marketing campaigns were programmed in such a way that all action was diverted towards the website. People could visit the website and learn about the progress being made or any fresh initiative undertaken. The website prompted people to participate by either lending a hand in support of the cleaning drive, sharing it across social platforms, or even donating to the cause on the website.

Technology backed Social Initiative

Infini was competing against time in order to deliver the project. The biggest challenge was to engage the content team of the government to share content so that the work on the website could adhere to the timelines. We stepped our foot, outside our system to work simultaneously with the Government bodies who’ve been working with the Government of Maharashtra for over a period of time. The effective planning and execution of tasks attached at every step led us closer to our goals and we were able to get the website operational on the eighth or ninth day. The website witnesses traffic of 6000 visitors in a day. It has helped in huge amount of fundraising for the Government and has also witnessed a rise in the number of people participating and contributing towards the project.

Infini explored its competency and with our well -designed system we were able to develop the website in two languages- English and Marathi which could connect with the masses. The amount of traffic the website experienced was exponential and so was the engagement on the website which could be measured by the increase in the number of people visiting the website and participating.

“Namami Chandrabhage” was an ambitious project, hence its implementation was meticulously planned. This also opened windows to several development works, including the construction of sewage treatment plants in major cities to avoid river pollution.

We feel proud to be associated with the initiative to revive the historic glory of “Namami Chandrabhage”

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