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Falcon with its brand Nuos offers IOT products for home and office automation, which are intuitive with a cutting edge technology

For Nuos, Infini developed a mobile app with excellent user experience increasing mobile app usage by 140% and reducing mobile app time spend by 40%

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Falcon with its fantastic leadership had unmatched prowess over hardware and embedded technology. Hardware and Software being, the two important verticals of their business portfolio, they had the expertise in developing world-class hardware products. Their products were programmed in a manner that all automated appliances could be controlled using one single device. This device in the form of a mobile app would connect with a wi-fi router, which in turn would connect to all devices and appliances i.e. fans, lights, air conditioners, door locks, curtains, CCTV's, security alarm systems, etc. All the appliances were fitted with an in-built readable chip and the chips were connected to the wi-fi network and from the wi-fi network to the mobile phone. For Nuos the technology they offered to their customers was the mobile app and hence it was necessary for the mobile app to be able to communicate the ease of use besides working in real-time and had to be stable to be used seamlessly.

The challenge for Nuos was to develop a mobile app that could integrate effortlessly with its hardware. User experience was to be given the utmost priority. With no experience in this domain, Nuos hired the services of a freelancer in their initial phase of development. However they faced technical issues where the app crashed, there was a lag between command and occurrence of the event and communication error between the mobile app and the hardware device. These were necessary conditions for the smooth functioning of their devices, which Nuos clearly failed to achieve in their first attempt. Next they hired a small company but faced the same set of challenges.

Having learned from the failures of both, they built an internal team and hired three resources to work on the app, adding to the company’s expenses. They stepped ahead in technology but could not build the user experience this app demanded. It was important to note that the end-user profile for their application, could vary anywhere between a housewife, kids, teenagers or adults using a mob app to engage with their home. With such an excellent concept of home automation and security, they approached Infini to solve the issue of their mobile application. What we delivered was a stable product, doing good business.


Hardware and Software Integration

Nuos had around 2000 users in a month but no capacity to manage such a huge portfolio. We identified scalability, user experience, and stability as the three major challenges to be addressed. Interfacing hardware and software into a single channel and to ensure each follows the others command was indeed the biggest challenge. Nuos had an internal team of technology experts working on embedded device systems. We acted as an extended team to work closely yet remotely with them in a conducive environment where both teams could function independently.

User Experience and Load Setting-Stability Improvements

The practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction with the product were to be the prima facie of the application. We looked at best practices of industry leaders in the market e.g. Bajaj Electricals, Philips and a couple of local players. The load capacity of each of these apps was tested, which helped understand the kind of load these devices could work with. We also did a small survey on all the 4 mobile apps using a focus group of 25 people. Feedback on user experience was collected. Based on the feedback, we built guidelines on the user experience. User experience and load setting was the main framework of the app. Infini helped improve in terms of the number of actions performed on the mob app. The overall usage of mob app increased by almost around 150% while the time spent on mob app was reduced by almost 40 %. It proves how simple and intuitive the app was to a user.

Huge Template Collection

Aesthetic Design Approach-Responsive UI/UX

Based on our extensive knowledge about UI/UX, a minimalistic design approach with basic colours was to be adopted. It was designed to achieve what a home automation system would deliver to its customers- ease of use with easy navigation and precise features. It was designed to connect to any age group. The users of the application could now easily manage their home from anywhere in the world, integrating with Alexa and Google Home, controlling lighting and fan intensity and speed, curtain control, control media devices from phone and much more at just the click of a button. We avoided unwanted features that could create confusion for a user. We deployed native mobile app development and embedded systems to get the possible outcome.

The client has won several awards and accolades for being the best home automation company with world-class technology and expertise.

Infini has been associated with the client for over 2 years and is still supporting enhancement, cosmetic changes, and maintenance of the app. We were an integral part of Nuos success journey.

This project brought to light that we could be a company with the capability to work as an extended team to an existing one. Co-ordination and communication being the two pillars of our journey with Nuos, it highlighted our capability to work remotely and efficiently to deliver a world-class product. A team of highly knowledgeable and technology-centric minds, we boast of handling any work environment. In this case, we worked in a start-up and aided and supported all their efforts that could lead to a reduction in the amount of time spent on the app and an increase in the overall usage.

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