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We have all encountered pet lovers and pet parents in our lives and some of us might even be fairy pet God Fathers and God Mothers. We can all agree to one thing common about them. It’s the way they treat their pets and consider them a part of their family rather than a property to own and feel entertained. Sharing a similar vision was a young entrepreneur Mr. Dhruvraj Sata whose sheer adoration and kindness for his pet gave birth to one of Infini’s most robust mobile applications solving the real-life issues faced by the highly fragmented and scattered market of pet care.

Infini developed a mobile application as a one-window solution to the pet industry.

Reports have revealed that India is the fastest-growing pet care market in the World. The pet care market in India according to PETEX was valued at $265 million in 2017 and is expected to grow at 13.9% annually to become a $430 million market by 2020. This growth is recorded in all categories including pet food, pet pharmaceuticals, grooming, toys & accessories, health, and wellbeing, etc.

There is no vision so small, that it cannot be achieved with planning and right execution.

Following such a trend, pet owners are focusing on the overall development and providing the best environment for their pets. The considerable niche yet growing pet industry is highly fragmented in terms of pet products, health and sanitation, and personalized pet experiences. Pet owners have to visit various stores and online catalogues to find what is most suitable for their pets. There is a lack of information in terms of medical aide and often, pet parents are unsure of the veterinary's specialization. This scattered information was conceptualized into a concept that offered not only to solve the problems of pet parents but also give them a range of products and services through a single window and at the ease of their location.

Pet humanization and sensitization was the basis of developing an app that offered multiple features and covered the widest topics related to pets. The concept was developed into a fully loaded app with multiple integrations at various levels and a highly engaging platform for pet parents.

The mind has the power to create, it’s the journey to the right path that takes to be successful. This is the case of Infini’s roadmap from a young mind’s vision to execution, encoded into virtual reality by our expert developers.


Personalized App

The app focused on the daily activities and overall wellbeing of the pets. It was to act as a handbook into a pet's world- from keeping records to tracking the pet’s activities and diet plans. The app could be personalized to maintain health records, medication and vaccination history and was in-built with an AI engine to send personalized recommendations regarding medication for any kind of pet breed. The app was to act as a guide to a pet’s life and make life easier for pet owners to not miss out on anything important concerning their pets.

GPS Integration

The app was in-built with a GPS tracker to keep track of the LIVE status of the pets and prevent them from getting lost. The tracker could monitor the geographical location of the pet and track their day-to-day activity from sleep time to playtime. Along with the pet tracker feature, the app listed veterinary doctors with different specialization, trainers, groomers, and pet-sitters in any location.


Social Networking App

The app allowed the multimedia exchange of photographs and videos with the feature to link a pet’s social media handle to the app. The concept to find pet buddies in and around the locality for meet-ups and breeding was introduced in the app. It helped build a social community for pets and supported the concept of engagement and networking.

Department Integrations and streamline operations

Owning a pet requires paperwork and a license to be procured with the respective Governments or Municipal Corporations. The app offered online filing and procurement of such licenses.

The app provided detailed information for adoption and owning a pet. Pet lovers can use the app to engage with various organizations and individuals offering such services and become a pet parent with less hassle.

The app also connected with insurance companies offering pet insurance to meet unforeseen emergencies. This was an important feature unavailable in the market and was the most sort by pet owners.

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Feeds, News and Views

Seek information and get notified about breeds, their history, food preference, life span, weight, allergies, etc. Receive updates about these information and more as live feeds from across the world. Also, buy pet magazines and get notified about pet events in the area. The app offered a section to build a social community of pets and pet-lovers. Along with this, the app gets access to a list of hotels and restaurants that are pet-friendly to allow owners to carry their pets when dining.

Powered with eighteen features, my buddy app was a consolidated, authentic, mother of all apps. 60% of the app had features unheard in the pet universe and we take pride in conceptualizing the idea and building a platform that could offer shopping and personalized experiences. The app made the pet industry mobile-friendly offering multiple features at the click of a button.

It was now just easier to “pet a pet.”

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