We know what it takes to go digital


We help businesses look big in the online world with the help of our e-commerce platform that is scalable, reliable, flexible & secure. Our Ecommerce cloud can help you build any ecommerce models - B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C.


Unified buying experience- Connect with B2C Customers across touch points & view all related activities-orders, inventory, payments & more

Personalized Features-Our system is AI powered and offer unique customization with no data scientist. It’s a feel good quotient!

Mobile E-commerce – Our suite of mobile capabilities offer responsive design, optimized content & one touch payment.

Your dream, Our Project-As a service excellence we offer, site readiness assessment, strategic guidance, dedicated managers to guide you from planning to launch.

Pre configured commerce platform for a full custom experience & tightly knit commerce process

Simplify your store set-up in few easy steps & no technical help. The open architecture, tools & API’s make it simple to localize & contextualize. Tailor content, pricing, Payments etc. using data insights. Set-up your store in 5 minutes!

Target any market from anywhere. We deliver a consistent E-commerce experience across all markets & have pre-loaded various languages, currencies, tax set-up & fulfillment integrations for a go-to-market experience. Increase Sales, Conversion & retention & reduce cost of ownership by one single digital platform.

Accelerate your time-to-value with built in logistics, fulfillment & commerce

We have built-in the best industry specific accelerators that will accelerate your business process from the start. We equip you with E-commerce inventory tools to manage pre-orders, back orders, split shipment & reporting. Monitor the entire supply chain & track inventory shortfall, fluctuating pricing & returns.

Get latest in shopping cart features, mobile checkout, intelligent inventory management & fraud prevention. We enhance our features regularly to help you stay abreast with time.

Innovate at market speed to drive conversions & extend platform without buying more niche solution

Add features to your existing platform & keep up with product innovation. Capitalize on opportunities without being constrained by your commerce platform.

Benefits of Infini's e-commerce module


Store Creation

Create your store with a single login in just 5 minutes. Yes, that’s what it takes with No/minimum technical support. Choose from over 30+ themes & colours. Make your store responsive across platforms-mobile, tablet & desktop

Data Insight & Analytics

Dashboard captures all information from top-selling product to latest orders, sales & new customer. Get detailed analytics & export file for easy decision- making.

Inventory Management

Maintain track of stock in real-time. Get notifications on products running short or stock out, all in real-time.


Create coupons, offer loyalty programs, referral program & encourage social media shares, broadcast on email & allow users to subscribe to newsletters. Do all this & more with our E-commerce solution.

Store Management

Manage your store with online & Mobile Logins. It is simple, easy & loaded with features.

Order Management

Receive automated order on your email for faster delivery, define your custom order status & take action accordingly. Activate/deactivate customer’s right to cancel or return an order. Flag orders in order of their status.

Payment Integration

Fully integrated payment gateway with COD, Online & Card features. Secure online store with SSL Certification & collaboration with reputed payment partners for secure payments.

Content Management

Share your social media & important links. Customize e-mail template that customers receive on successful order placement, packing & delivery.

Technology Guided

We host your online store on our secured cloud server embedded with SEO Features to write your desired keywords & meta-description. No coding required.

Customer Service

We provide 24*7 service support and live chat supports to help you solve your queries instantly.

Mobile App

Create mobile store for free & manage all order, inventory, delivery & customer from the app. Print invoice on the integrated thermal printer connected by a Bluetooth to the mobile device. Send promotional material to customers saved as contacts to the smartphone device.

E-Commerce Possibilities


You are open & available 24/7 & 365 days. The customer reach can go beyond area or region specific geographical boundaries. Witness surge in your Sales Volume.


Open the opportunity to produce quality content because of the lack of direct contact with the client. Hence pictures, video, chat options & Q&A roughly act as the touch-points before sales.

Low Entry Cost

Transition from brick & mortar to online can be made smooth with planning & forward thinking. All point of sales can integrate with our e-commerce platform to make inventory management easier.

Case Studies

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