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Learning Management System

Infini's LMS is used to enable a variety of learning strategies across different formats including formal, experiential & social learning to manage functions such as classroom training, compliance training, certification management & sales enablement. Corporate companies, elearning startups and educational institutes everyone needs an LMS to deliver content and track users behaviour with the same. Our LMS enables all these entities to do so in the best possible manner.

Distribute Content

We support any format of content be it Audio, Video, Documents, Images, SCORM, etc.

Track Consumption

Track the consumption of content in real time to know whether the intended users are on the correct learning path or not

Assess Effectiveness

Assessment capabilities to create tests, assignments and examinations with endless possibilities

Report Progress

Communicate with the consumer and related individuals in real time about the progress and next steps

Who is it for?

Large Enterprises

Online Training Track Performance Educate Franchisees,suppliers & external sales channel on product release, compliance requirements etc

Elearning and Training Companies

Technologically dependant to scale growth of employees Reduce strain on human resource

Educational Institutes

Have diverse deliveries because of the nature of their work Built-in collaboration tools helps you to work independant or with a emote e-learning team


Cost sensitive Address diverse portfolio of clients Need hand-holding & less confusion


Automate Access & Controls: Grouping, enrolments, activation/de-activation, new user data can be automated for reuse

Certifications & Re-training: Supports latest industry standards in content. In-built course builder for learning & management. Allow tracking & management of all certification and re-training activities.

System Configuration: Access learning content anytime & anywhere regardless of the device – mobile, tablet or laptops

Content Integration & Course Management: Support learning, content such as SCORM, AICC & xAPI. Create & manage course catalogue by delivery targeted learning to users.

Real Time App Notification: Notify learners of their progress, course completion, certificates, achievements, comments & more through real time automatic updates.

Gamification:Engage learners by allowing them to earn points, badges & awards on all their activities. Make learning fun & competitive.

Third Party Integration:Integrate with third party platforms such as Salesforce CRM, Video conferencing tools, payment gateways like Paypal etc.

Reporting Track & measure the impact of training programs through customizable reports, dashboards & provide metrics on learner activity.

Customizable Platform Use your domain & logo & create a theme based on your preference. Add your own CSS or Java Script on top.

Highly Scalable Platform The platform offers responsive design & visual elements with native applications for IOS & android devices. Utilized the most modern web standards & technology, available in multiple languages & conforms to WCAG-2 accessibility requirements.

The LMS Tracking

Data-driven companies understand that the key advantage to any software is that it provides valuable metrics that help it measure productivity & progress to draw performance. We are no exception.

Track Activity

Course completion

Total time spent on coarse & learning plans

Active coarses

Most viewed courses

Test/assessment scores

Learning plan report

User activity report

Gamification report

Certfication reports

External training & activity

E-commerce transaction data

Provide Metrics

Reports on peer review activity

Reports on activity per channel

Rating on content distribution

Sharing activity

Content views

Custom reports based on your unique learning needs

Case Studies

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