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Software Development

Business is about in multiple aspects - supply chain, operations, administration, customer satisfaction & analytics. Micromanaging all these aspects with speed & efficiency towards reaching a certain business goal, is what drives demand for a custom software solution. Digital transformation in recent years has witnessed companies adopting Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain to derive value in business. The business world is now than ever ready for tailored, targeted & well-designed platforms to boost business processes & revenue.

The awareness to offer high-quality service & rich customer experience with practical applications of technology has paved the way for on-demand software services. These include-Application customizations, software engineering, software testing, quality assurance, system integration, technology consulting and software support.

What we offer is a powerful combination of tech expertise in agile and scrum, mature low-risk processes, and proven track record to help you organize team’s resources effectively, achieve faster market feedback, and cut costs.

Software Development Process


We make sure that you know what you are building and ensure that the software design is scalable & sustainable.


We work on the best tech stack to reduce code overheads and ensure best performance and highest security.


We make sure that your business does not get bugged by the software that is suppose to smoothen the processes.


Our best in class devops standards ensure that we get you live and give your business software maximum uptime.


We dont work as vendors but as an extended team to give your business the required tech support to ensure maximum productivity with the help of technology.

How We Work

Agile practices & design thinking are part of our everyday practice & there is a growing amount of emphasis on process & quality. With a vision to make cutting-edge technology available to clients of all sizes, we follow a unique approach to all developmental processes.

Working Flow

Why You Need State of the Art Technology

1. To Stay Agile

Adopt to changes in business processes swiftly & productively

2. To manage market dynamism

Accommodate technology changes at minimum cost

3. To ensure a single business application

Integrate with existing or legacy applications

4. To stay ahead of the competition curve

Always innovate with help of technology to outwit the business competition

What we can do for you

Software Consulting: Take a deep dive into your business and help you realise the true business potential by in fluxing technology.

Custom Software / Application Development: Dedicated on-shore & offshore teams to suit different business requirements.

Development: On-site & Offsite delivery models along with cloud & SAAS based solutions.

DevOps: Industry recognised DevOps practices to ensure technology functions in the optimal enviornment.

Application Re-engineering / Migration:Our team of application & solution architects, subject matter experts & highly skilled business analysts support migration & modernization using advanced functionalities, UX Design, framework, platform, etc.

Application Integration All Inter and intra enterprise integrations are handled enabling end-users to access data and functionality from independently designed applications on a single user interface

How we do it

Applying mature, modern development methodologies and practices can help deliver effective and innovative software efficiently & rapidly. Various development methodologies that we follow:





Extreme Programming (XP) Spiral

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Why Infini

Consultative Approach


Unmatched Quality Assurance

Optimal Resource Utilisation

Innovative Support & Maintenance

Association Models

Project Based Costing

Cost allocation structure designed specifically on project to project basis as a wholesome project cost

Hybrid Pricing

For the unknowns when the development roadmap is unclear, we come up with creative pricing plans

Time & Material

Pure T&M model where you pay for what you use

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated teams for on-site & off-site deployment to work like an extended arm of our clients business

Our Tech Expertise

Programming Languages
  • PHP (Wordpress, Laravel, Codeigniter, Cake PHP)
  • Python (Django, Flask)
  • Java(Springs, Struts, Hibernate)
  • Go
Front-end Technologies
  • HTML5
  • css / scss / sass / less
  • JavaScript (jQuery / AngularJS / Vue.js)
  • Express js / Sails js
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • CI /CD
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Chef-Puppet
  • Jenkins

Case Studies

As a leading digital agency in Paris, we look to engage with our clients beyond the conventional design and development agency relationship.

Case Studies

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