Loan Origination System

The LOS module of Veefin LS is a comprehensive solution digitizing every step of the customer onboarding journey with a financial institution. LOS is critical for a financial institution to maximize conversions while ensuring efficient and thorough assessment, compliance with statutory obligations, and maintaining a high-quality asset book.

Integrated with the CRM or on a standalone basis, upon lead conversion LOS automates the entire journey from document collection and data capturing, KYC upload, API integration for external data points validation to credit appraisal and sanctioning.

Right from customer acquisition across multiple channels, building contacts, identifying opportunities, up to conversions, Veefin LOS allows data capture in every stage for further analytics.

Veefin LS Loan Origination System Process Flow

Process flow

  • Lead Management Effective CRM to manage multi-channel lead origination, lead tracking and opportunity conversion
  • Digital Application Processing Paperless and swift application processing equipped with Mobile applications and Optical Character Recognition to capture data and process documents on-the-go
  • Digital Underwriting Integrated APIs for data validation and auto-generated reports for dynamic and precise credit evaluation
  • Digital Processing: Process loans much quicker by customizing workflow and rule-engines for deviations in-line with product policies and improve speed with advanced analytics

Distinctive Features

Channel Management

Adopt different processes of lead management for leads from different channels be it DSAs, Connectors, or Employees

Customize Workflows

Custom-build and automate underwriting processes for different banking products aligned with internal policies


Automated statutory and regulatory fulfilments through API integrations for RCU, technical and legal verification before Credit Underwriting


Empower field agents on-the-go to capture additional details to the loan application, upload documentation and record customer interaction videos seamlessly

Better Traceability

Using Digital Document Management Systems to secure and store loan documents for records that can be retrieved when required

Agile User Experience

Veefin systems with no static landing pages, allows users with no prior coding knowledge also to modify front-end screens easily

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