We get that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance

Globally, SCF is a widely accepted means of optimizing working capital and managing cash flows efficiently. But given the nature of varying businesses, contexts, and structures of the product, financial institutions often spend hours of resources and effort in readjusting their systems and processes to accommodate Different SCF structures.

We recognize that businesses need to adopt digitally agile solutions to cater to the ever-changing business needs with faster go-to-market solutions.

Veefin is the world leader in contextual SCF solution adopting user-led design, data and analytics, built by bankers for bankers. With unmatched flexibility empowered by technology, Veefin SCF is a comprehensive solution facilitating bankers to customize promptly without relying on third-party execution.

With a wide bouquet of offerings to cater to different supply chain structures, Veefin SCF aims to integrate all stakeholders in a single digital platform to ensure smooth processes and transaction-flow.


Customer Centric UX

All our products are built on the principles of Human centered design


Veefin platform is offered on a subscription model for easy adoption


Solutions designed to evolve with changing demands


An end-to-end dynamic solution for all varying SCF products and structures

Key Benefits

Implementations within weeks allowing for future iterations at your finger-tips

Mobile Access for all users across the supply chain to transact on-the-go

Seek advice from our seasoned banking professionals on product structures and digital solutions

Expert training offered to suppliers, distributors and corporates to ease onboarding to Veefin.

Benefits to customers using Veefin SCF

Technical Highlights


Secure supply chain platform powered by Blockchain technology


Integrate seamlessly with existing banking systems and processes


Speed to ensure our solutions are implemented within no time

Real Time

Connect all SCF stakeholders real-time using a single application


Automate transactions, settlement and reconciliations with ease


Flexibility to adopt single or multiple product modules

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